Toolkit for Development & Implementation

How to create a development route

To improve care for patients with cancer, innovation with proven benefits should be implemented in daily practice on large scale. However, innovations do not automatically find their way to practice.

The path from an idea to an innovation in daily practice consists of several steps, with different stakeholders and influencing factors (risks and opportunities). This makes every development path unique and complex. Early insight into this route, stakeholders and other influencing factors will increase the chance of successful implementation. 

Roadmap for drug development

To make new medicinal products available in clinical practice they need to be tested in animal studies and in human clinical trials, registered as medicinal products, and reimbursed by health insurance companies. This is a heavily regulated process. Laws and regulations for medicinal products need to be carefully considered throughout the whole development trajectory.

External parties and useful links

Support in setting up clinical studies - DORP

Clinical trials are crucial for development and validation of novel cancer treatments. DORP can help you in the set-up and conduct of clinical trials. Their services are free of charge.

News flash (June 2023): KWF, IKNL and DORP have jointly decided to discontinue funding for the DORP project, thereby concluding it on 31 December, 2023.

Support in Ethical & Legal matters: ELSI Servicedesk

The National Service Desk, part of Health-RI, helps researchers, other professionals, patients and patient representatives to address Ethical, Legal, Social Implications (ELSI) issues by providing information and advice.

External funding opportunities

KWF is one of the largest cancer research funders in the Netherlands, but other parties also support oncological scientific research & implementation initiatives. We list several funding options that may suit your research idea.