Contact with KWF Dutch Cancer Society

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​Do you have a question about KWF Dutch Cancer Society or your donation? Then contact us via: 020 570 05 70, from Mon to Fri 9.00 - 17.00 hours (free of charge)

KWF postal address

Postbus 75508
1070 AM Amsterdam
[email protected]

IBAN DCS: NL23 RABO 0333 7779 99
CoC number: 41197125
RSIN or tax number: 0029.64.491

Press Releases & Statements

On this page you will find all the press releases and statements published by KWF Dutch Cancer Society over the past years. First choose whether you want to look for a press release or statement, then select a category or year, allowing you to open the right page. Press releases and statements are not available in English.


Linda Sumner
+31020 570 05 38
[email protected]

Annebel Schipper
+3120 570 05 38
[email protected]

Gemma van den Boog
+3120 570 05 38
[email protected]