Dutch Cancer Society

Beating cancer as soon as possible

The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) is determined to beat cancer as soon as possible. That’s why we fund and guide scientific research, influence policy, and share our knowledge about cancer and its treatment. We encourage our stakeholders and the public to do everything possible to help bring about the day when no-one else has to die of cancer. We’re getting there together.

The organization

DCS is a nation-wide organization for cancer related work in the Netherlands.

News: Solution Pool

We welcome creative solutions for access to medicines. If you have a good idea to ensure that patients now and in the future have guaranteed access to the best treatments available, we would like to ask you to share them with us. 

Annual Report 2019

2019: a year with some extraordinary milestones and fantastic innovations for the Dutch Cancer Society.

European Task Force

The DCS initiated the Task Force for accessible cancer medicines after extensive and successful work on this issue in the Netherlands.

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Raising Funds

We receive the majority of our income from private individuals: individual donors and contributions of individuals during actions and events.


Let's talk access

In this White Paper, the ECL Access to Medicines Task Force elaborates on the most important challenges in access to medicines and suggest solutions for decision-makers in four areas: disparities in availability of cancer treatments, high prices of cancer treatments, regulatory and systemic issues and flawed innovation models. ​


Guy Muller
Public Affairs Consultant International

Phone: +3120 - 57 00 500
E-mail: international@dutch-cancersociety.org


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