About Dutch Cancer Society


Tackling tomorrow’s challenges today

KWF Kankerbestrijding/KWF Dutch Cancer Society was founded in 1949. Back then, the prognosis for cancer patients was bleak: 5 years post-diagnosis, only 49% of the cancer patients was still alive. Nowadays, this number has increased to 67% . We thank our donors, whose generous donations has enabled researchers to detect, understand and treat cancer better.

However, despite these promising numbers, our task is not finished. The increasing complexity of oncology is accompanied by new challenges and questions. Not only for patients and doctors, but for society as a whole. If more cancer patients can be cured, or survive longer, how can we optimize their quality of life? How can we stimulate better treatment for rare and hard-to-treat tumours? And how can we prevent cancer?

The patient is key

Through our actions, we support patients in every aspect of their life. For people who have not yet been diagnosed with cancer, as well as for patients who can’t be cured.

Our main goals are:

  • To prevent cancer wherever we can.
  • To stimulate better treatment for every type of cancer.
  • To aim for a better quality of life for (recovered) patients and their loved ones.
  • To ensure that high quality palliative care is available for all patients.

Through stimulation of focused scientific research, policy making, knowledge transfer and collaboration with our stakeholders, KWF is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones. Our organisational structure enables us to respond quickly to developments in society and research. Examples include our campaign for the HPV-vaccine, which prevents HPV-related cancers. And our support for new initiatives to stimulate broader availability of cancer drugs.

There are enormous challenges ahead of us. KWF can’t face these alone. Therefore, we join forces with (inter)national stakeholders to achieve our goals.  With the support of society, which includes 100,000 volunteers and almost 1 million donors.

We work together for a better life with and without cancer; this is what we stand for!  

KWF Dutch Cancer Society

KWF consists of:

  • A Supervisory Board who supervises the policies of the administration, and the general course of events of KWF.

  • A board who is responsible for the general management of KWF. The board members are Carla van Gils and Dorine Manson.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

Ir. Wiebe Draijer chair
Dr. Bas Leerink
​Koos Timmermans  
Drs. Mijke van Ballegooijen
Hilde Garssen
Michaëla Ulrici  


KWF Board of Advisors

KWF Board of Advisors consists of about 100-120 experts who advise KWF on achieving its mission goals from multiple perspectives. The experts are scientists, (former) patients, volunteers, health care providers and other relevant stakeholders.