KWF Dutch Cancer Society

Against cancer. For life.

Every person in the Netherlands will at some stage have an experience with cancer. When you have cancer, it disrupts your life, but also when someone you know has the disease. The consequences are overwhelming. To all those millions of lives, every day we can make the difference, successfully, for more than 71 years. We not only fight this disease, but we also strive for a better life living with cancer.

We work on life-changing research and make sure that expensive medicines are available quickly to everyone. From approachable open houses to the safe community making sure we can support everyone who is living with cancer. And by mobilising the whole of the Netherlands for our joint mission. To make sure fewer people get cancer, more people are cured and more people live better with and after cancer.

Simply because there’s so much to live for.

The organization

KWF Dutch Cancer Society is a nation-wide organization for cancer related work in the Netherlands.

News: Solution Pool

We welcome creative solutions for access to medicines. If you have a good idea to ensure that patients now and in the future have guaranteed access to the best treatments available, we would like to ask you to share them with us. 

Let's talk access

In this White Paper, the ECL Access to Medicines Task Force elaborates on the most important challenges in access to medicines and suggests solutions for decision-makers. ​

Apply for funding

Within our Programme Research & Implementation you can apply for funding several times a year (regular calls).

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Raising Funds

We receive the majority of our income from private individuals: individual donors and contributions of individuals during actions and events.


Guy Muller
Public Affairs Consultant International

Phone: +3120 - 57 00 500
E-mail: [email protected]