TTO's and other valorization experts


Almost all Dutch academic institutes have a technology transfer office (TTO), which establishes the connection between scientists and market parties. This way, scientific knowledge is optimally utilized and leads to its translation into value for society. TTOs help researchers to look for new funds, partners, networks and to set up agreements and spin-off trajectories. It is advisable to involve the TTO early in the research work, so that IP actions are made timely, and together considerations are made about possible partners that can help to further develop research results.

An overview of TTOs in the Netherlands:





TTO-NKI NKI Oncology
Oncode Valorisation Team Oncode Oncology
Innovation Exchange Amsterdam Amsterdam UMC, Hogeschool Amsterdam Broad
Technology Transfer Office Erasmus MC Biotech, medtech, ICT
Brightlands Maastricht University Focus on sustainability, health and the digital age
Department of Valorisation & Technology Transfer  Radboudumc Grant support, licensing, spin-offs
The Research Support Network TU/e Grant support
Luris LUMC Broad
The Valorisation Center TU Delft Technology knowledge
Knowledge Transfer Office of Novel-T Universiteit Twente Technology-driven solutions, medtech
Knowledge Transfer Office  KNAW KNAW Institutes
Knowledge Transfer Programma TNO Broad, focus on pre-seed phase
Utrecht Holdings UMC Utrecht New drugs and techniques


Other valorization experts

Note that some of these may not provide service free of charge. Consulting such a party can however be part of the budgetplan in your application at KWF, if correctly substantiated.

THINC The Healthcare Innovation Center, part of the UMC Utrecht, offers short-cycle tailor-made research into innovations in healthcare. With a multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic professionals, we evaluate your innovation on, among other things, cost-effectiveness, usability and feasibility. We also provide expert methodological advice. All this to build a convincing portfolio for your innovation. From idea to implementation, we help developers of healthcare innovations move forward

HI-NL is a party that can help innovators that have established a proof of concept to evaluate the potential and the risks of the invention, and if it is considered valuable, helps design the route of validation and implementation. Their approach is based on the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders, in their own words: "Health Innovation Netherlands (HI-NL) is based on the proven fact that early dialogue between innovators and relevant stakeholders improves the value and effectiveness of health innovations. By bringing all relevant innovators and stakeholders together in one place through the HI-NL Round Table service, comprehensive well-structured guidance can be provided to accelerate the introduction of innovations that directly meet end-user needs."

NLC can help you decide if it is worth to start a start-up based on your invention, and can help you build is. In their own words "It can be hard to combine the academic perspective with entrepreneurial activities. NLC is here to help you to bring your healthtech invention to the patient. By building ventures at scale, NLC has built valuable experience in overcoming hurdles like filing patents, securing start-up capital, organizing clinical trials and getting your invention to the market. You can be as involved as you want, allowing you to continue focussing on your academic work whilst at the same time help developing your invention."

Innovation Quarter (regional Zuid-Holland) : In their own words: "As a regional development company, we work on strategic, economic and social Impact for South Holland. We support companies with innovation, investments and internationalization."

Panaxea (Amsterdam Science Park): "Our goal is to support informed decision-making around innovations to improve health".

FFUND "From innovative start-ups to mature organizations, we support innovators across all stages of growth and throughout the product development chain. [...] We do this by supporting our clients in planning and securing the complex financing mix from company start to exit, and from early development to product on the market."

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