Research consortium

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Large or complex collaborations made possible

This type of funding is meant for research projects performed by or within more complex and/or bigger collaborations. A Research Consortium proposal should be submitted if one (or more) of the following conditions is met:

  • The proposal is performed by 4 or more organisations (service providers not included).
  • The proposal is part of an ongoing collaborative project performed by more than three organisations.
  • The budget exceeds 1 million euros and at least 2 organisations are involved. 

Eligibility conditions for a Research Consortium: 

  •  The project leader must hold a PhD at the start of the project and be employed by a Dutch institute during the term of the project.
  • The guideline for the duration of a Research Consortium is 4-6 years.
  • Costs for international internships can be included for scientific personnel.
  • At least one scientific researcher (PhD student or postdoctoral researcher/doctor’s assistant/medical specialist) is required to work a minimum of 0.5 FTE per year during the term of the project.
  • The cost for the creation of a consortium is not eligible for funding.
  • A consortium agreement signed by all participating organisations is not required before submission, but obligatory at the start of the project. Download a KWF Consortium Agreement Model
  • Costs for project management can be included, but should be justified; the project manager does not have a scientific/research role and is not a project leader.
  • The core focus of the execution of the project has to be in the Netherlands. Parts of the work plan can be carried out in other countries, on the condition good reasons can be provided to explain why this is necessary for the realisation of the work plan.