Consortium project


Large or complex collaborations made possible

The funding type consortium project is for research projects in which expertise from different organizations is required to address a complex research question. A project performed by four or more organizations (this does not include service providers, inclusion centers and co-funders) is always considered to be a consortium project. Because of the complexity of a consortium project, a project manager must be appointed to coordinate the project. In general, the duration of a consortium project may last up to six years.

Eligibility terms for a consortium project

  • The consortium project is hypothesis-driven and has a defined duration and defined final analyses in which the hypothesis is confirmed or rejected.
  • The project leader holds a PhD degree at the start of the project.
  • At least one scientific researcher is employed on the project at a minimum of 0.5 FTE employment per year during the term of the project.
  • A project manager is appointed.
  • A collaboration agreement, signed by the lead institute and all participating organizations, is required before starting the project.