Exploration track

Onderzoeker met buisjes

KWF Dutch Cancer Society will continue to invest in the exploration of new knowledge and skills. Serendipity is encouraged within the Exploration track.

The Exploration track has 2 research phases:

  • Phase 1: Basic research
  • Phase 2: Credentialing

Basic Research (phase 1)

The goal of basic research is to obtain basic insight into the origin and progression of cancer, its (psychosocial) effects, as well as basic principles of prevention and treatment of cancer and relevant technological developments. Basic research does not directly focus on the possible application of this knowledge.

The boundary between basic research and credentialing is the moment that a specific target for (clinical) application is discovered and when the focus of the research shifts towards a specific application of the scientific knowledge.

Credentialing (phase 2)

Credentialing (or collecting credentials, evidence, confirmation) is research aimed at the identification of identifying factors, targets and leads that could influence/improve prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and quality of life. Examples are discovery of drugs and biomarkers, or compound/drug screening). Observational and population studies, including cross-sectional research, cohort studies (retrospective and/or prospective), and case-control studies, are also part of credentialing. The Credentialing phase also includes a first validation step of the identified factors/targets/leads.

The boundary between credentialing and creation of modality is the moment that the lead/factor/target/profile is identified and the new invention/modality is ready for validation in specific model systems.