Stakeholders in development route

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What is meant with the term "stakeholders"?

"Stakeholders" is a term frequently used when people set out development and implementation strategies. Stakeholders are all those who are involved in the development path that have a "stake" in the process of development or in the use of the envisioned end product.

  • They have something to gain or lose when the new application is put in use.

Importantly, they can have a positive or negative influence on the development and implementation process. Usually there are two important users: the healthcare professional that will work with or refer to the innovation and patients who have benefit of the use of the innovation.

Stakeholders in your development route

It is important to define and involve the most important stakeholders in the development and implementation of your innovation. By systematically mapping who has a "stake" and their interests and influence on the development and implementation, you will get insight in which and how stakeholders should be involved. Examples of how to involve stakeholders:

  • Actively involve your stakeholders in the process of development and implementation
  • Inform your stakeholders about the innovation
  • Monitor your stakeholders' interests or actions

Stakeholders and their interests and influences can vary over time. Therefore, we advise you to repeatedly map your stakeholders. When mapping your stakeholders, don't forget those who lose and/or might block the development and implementation of your innovation.

Critical factors in getting stakeholders on your side

Involving your stakeholders at the right time in the development path will create support of your stakeholders, which is important to increase the chance on succesful implementation in practice.

Stakeholders will support the development and implementation of an innovation if the added value of the innovation is understood, recognized and accepted by them. Especially if the innovation contributes to the solution of a problem that is considered as urgent to solve. The enthousiasm of the healthcare professionals and patients for the innovation partly determines its use in practice. Support from professional associations can be important for reimbursement by the healthcare insurer.

Collaboration and co-creation
By involving the most important stakeholders (at least the endusers, see applicability [LINK]) in the development of the innovation, it will become more applicable. Collaborate or co-create with your stakeholders. This will also increase their support.