Cluster Advisory Board

Onderzoeker met buisje bloed in lab

To maximize our impact, KWF will implement changes in its research funding strategy. In the upcoming years, a more targeted funding approach in thematic ‘tracks’ will be implemented, in addition to open calls in our 'Programme Research & Implementation'.   

The tracks, identified and developed in close collaboration with the oncological field, are grouped in four clusters: 

To connect with the field and receive continuous feedback, KWF will set up advisory boards for every cluster. These cluster-specific advisory boards will consist of experts from the field: besides researchers,other expertises and perspectives will be included, such as from patients, health care professionals and industry.   

A Cluster Advisory Board will advise KWF, monitor the progress and quality of the tracks, and evaluate whether they contribute to KWF's mission goals. Advisory boards can also identify new tracks and advise KWF on the funding of specific opportunistic research initiatives outside our regular and targeted research calls. In order to do so, the advisory boards can be temporarily extended with additional relevant expertise when needed.   

The size of these boards is (ideally) limited, but with a minimum of 5 board members. Potential board members will be asked by KWF and installed for 4 years (this term can be prolonged for 4 years).