Project team

Prof. Ruud Delwel

Team work

Project Leader

Each project has one project leader (PL). The project leader is the exclusive/single point of contact for KWF Dutch Cancer Society. (S)he is responsible for the scientific management and coordination of the project as a whole and all required reports on behalf of the lead institute. In addition to his/her obligations as a participant, the project leader must ensure that the project team complies with the terms and conditions of the research grant. The project leader should hold a PhD at the start of the project. The organisation that employs the project leader is the lead institute.

Principal investigator

If the execution of the work plan is dependent on the expertise of different principal investigators (PIs), each PI is responsible for the daily scientific management of a specific part of the project, usually defined in work package(s).

People of the project

  • Project team: The project team consists of all people employed by the participating organisations that are involved in the execution of the work plan. Advisors are not part of the project team. Please indicate the people that are part of the project team and who will be funded by KWF, as well as the people who will be funded by own contribution.
  • Scientific personnel: includes PhD students and PhD/MDs who actively contribute to the research. Adding a foreign researcher as PI and/or as scientific personnel to the project is allowed. If an international researcher or research team is involved, it should be justified in the corresponding work package(s) why this contributes to the execution of the work plan, and why the research involved cannot be performed in the Netherlands. The focus of the project should always be located in the Netherlands. The foreign activities in a Dutch project are eligible for funding.
  • Research support personnel: includes, for example, technicians, research nurses, data managers, trial managers. Research support personnel “Academic” includes everybody with a university education who is not an executing researcher in the current project. Project managers are part of the project team and facilitate the project leader in completing the project on time and on budget with specific focus on facilitating collaboration between the organisations in the consortium. Main goals are: ensuring the project’s objectives are met with the highest possible quality and ensuring everyone is fulfilling their required tasks. The project manager does not have a scientific/research role and is not a project leader.
  • Advisors: To ensure the proposal meets the needs of the field and the (end-)users of the development, and that choices made during the execution of the project remain focused on the final goal or end product, KWF places a great deal of importance on involving the right advisors/advocates before and during the project. Advisors are not part of the project team, since they are not involved in the execution of the work plan. Advisors support the project team with expertise which is not available in the project team, and/or advise on the progress of the project. Salary/compensation for advisors is not eligible for funding by KWF.

Parties of the project

  • Participating organisations: participating organisations are all organisations that have an active role in the execution of the work plan. The employees of the participating organisations that are involved in the execution of the work plan form the project team. For-profit organisations can only be participating organisations in a consortium project proposal.
  • Service providers: service providers are organisations outside the project team that have an active role in the execution of the work plan, but do not benefit from the project results, apart from receiving payment for their services. For example: pathology labs, biobanks, website developers, trial monitors and data management. The expertise provided in man hours should not already be available at the participating organisations and should be used specifically for the project. If service providers are involved in the execution of the project, please provide the name(s) of the organisation(s). Upload the quotation(s) for their services at the Budget TAB, including the name of the service provider, the activities that will be performed, and their costs. Specific services provided by departments within participating organisations (e.g. data management, animal facilities, MRI scans) should be budgeted under material costs. (NB: Service providers do not count in the number of organisations involved to decide if you need to apply for a consortium project.)
  • Co-funders: co-funders are organisations (both for- and non-profit) that contribute cash or materials to the project and are not involved in the execution of the work plan. If the project involves co-funding, please specify the name of the institute/organisation/company. Co-funders have to confirm their support with a letter of commitment, which must be clearly recognisable by the file name.