6 October 2021 - Conference 'Cell and gene therapy in oncology - The development of academic innovations'

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Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) are currently one of the most promising groups of anti-cancer agents. The observed anti-tumor activity of the registered CAR-Ts is, as of yet, unparalleled. However, due to scientific hurdles and the complexity of the products, the development of these academic innovations to clinical practice often stagnates. 

KWF discussed opportunities, bottlenecks and potential solutions with academic developers in the field to advance CGT development. These discussions have resulted in a report that outlines potential solutions for the observed stagnant development trajectories. Recommendations are made for different stakeholders to implement these solutions.  

In addition to the report, KWF is excited to invite you to the conference ‘Cell and gene therapy in oncology – development of academic innovations to clinical practice’ on 6 October 2021. During this inspirational day we further discuss opportunities and bottlenecks for product development, clinical development and the different routes to clinical practice.  

Together with you and other public stakeholders we aim to accelerate the development of these promising therapies so that cancer patients can benefit from CGT treatment faster and more often. 


OPENING (9.30-10.30)

SESSION 1: Manufacturing and quality (10.30-12.00) 

  • GMP production in an academic institute - Harry Dolstra (10.30-10.50) 

  • DARE-NL: Dutch platform for cancer-specific ATMP Research to ensure harmonized development, clinical testing and sustained patient access   - Trudy Straetemans (10.50-11.10) 

  • UK Catapult, an independent centre of excellence to advance the growth of CGT – David Sexton (11.10-11.30) 

  • Panel Discussion (11.30-12.00)

LUNCH BREAK (12.00-13.00)

SESSION 2: Clinical development (13.00 - 14.30) 

  • Late phase clinical trial design for personalized medicine and rare disease indications  - Peter van de Ven (13.00-13.20)  

  • How to succesfully develop a dendritic cell product from bench to bedside to commercialisation– Joachim Aerts (13.20-13.40) 

  • Totality of evidence as a principle for rational early drug development - Joop van Gerven (13.40-14.00)   

  • Panel Discussion (14.00-14.30 min)

COFFEE/TEA BREAK (14.30-15.00)

SESSION 3: Route to clinical practice (15.00 – 16.30) 

  • Oncode – considerations for developing your valorization strategy – Ian Bell (15.00-15.20) 

  • Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) for the treatment of metastatic melanoma: how to translate results from phase 3 to clinical practice – Inge Jedema (15.20-15.40) 

  • Hematon – opportunities and challenges for new therapies through the perspectives of patients  - Bregje Verhoeven (15.40-16.00) 

  • Panel Discussion (16.00-16.30 min)

CONCLUSIONS – Carla van Gils (16.30 – 16.45)

DRINKS (16.45 onwards)

For whom? 

Medical specialists, pharmacists, researchers, policy officers, regulators and other stakeholders working with cell and gene therapies. 


6 October 2021 from 9.30 - 16.45 (excl. drinks afterwards) 


The conference will be held at:  

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40 
1018 CZ Amsterdam 

Entrance is easily accessible from the public road. You do not need to enter the main entrance of ARTIS Royal Zoo. 


For this event we will ask for a ‘corona check’. This means we ask for either proof of vaccination, a negative test (<24 hours), or recovery of Covid-19 (<6 months ago) in order to participate at this event. For this, you can use the CoronaCheck app on your mobile phone. If govermental measures requires us to change our schedule, we will inform you on time.


For questions regarding the event, please contact Willeke La Fontaine – Ros.