The organization

Kantoorpand KWF Kankerbestrijding

Dutch Cancer Society

The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) is a nation-wide organization for cancer related work in the Netherlands. We are founded in 1949 at the instigation of Queen Wilhelmina. Nowadays her granddaughter Princess Beatrix is our patron.

Our aim

Less cancer, more cure, and a better quality of life for cancer patients.

Our vision

Scientific research is the basis for combating cancer and actually improving survival and patients’ quality of life. We can only reduce cancer rates by understanding the disease better, which is why we invest in research, among other things. We also ensure that the knowledge gained is transferred to ‘the bed’, to patients. And invest in scientific research to increase our knowledge of psychosocial problems.

The DCS’ headquarter is located in Amsterdam; our professional staff amounts to around 200 persons. Over 100.000 volunteers support the Dutch Cancer Society whether it comes to local or nation-wide fundraising, scientific or policy advice in several councils and committees.

We can rely on nearly 1.500 local committees that organize fundraising activities e.g. our annual door-to-door campaign to raise funds for the fight against cancer.

The DCS is supported by over 1 million donors. We receive no government money.

The Dutch Cancer Society

The DCS consists of:

  • A Supervisory Board who supervises the policies of the administration, and the general course of events of the DCS.

  • A board who is responsible for the general management of the DCS. The board members are: Fred Falkenburg and Johan van de Gronden.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

​Prof. mr. Tanja Bender ​Chairman
​Prof. dr. Jaap Verweij ​Vice-chairman - Advisory Board
​Mr. Frederieke Leeflang Governance & Legal​
​Drs. Annette Mosman RA ​Finance
​Drs, Eugenie H. van Wiechen, MBA ​Fundraising, positioning and communication


The KWF Board of Advisors

The KWF Board of Advisors consists of about 100-120 experts who advise KWF on achieving its mission goals from multiple perspectives. The experts are scientists, (former) patients, volunteers, health care providers and other relevant stakeholders.

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The DCS office in Amsterdam

The office, which is run by the board, has four departments. Each department is controlled by a manager. The managers and the board are the Management Team. They meet on a regular basis to discuss policies and management business.

The Management Team of the DCS:

​Fred Falkenburg & Johan van de Gronden ​Executive Board
​Sigrid Attema-van den Broek ​Manager Corporate Affairs
Dr. Koos Boering RA, a.i. ​Manager Prevention, Treatment and Patient Support
​Jan-Willem Förch ​Manager Fundraising
​Dr. Koos Boering RA ​Manager Finance and Operations