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The core of the PR&I

​​The PR&I is a new way of


R&D tracks

​KWF asks researchers to identify the path that is needed to implement their research results.


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Former granting

​​For proposals funded before Jan.  8, 2016, the old funding conditions apply (in Dutch).

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Calls for proposals

Call 2020-I

​​Call opens: 4 October 2019
Call closes: 18 December 2019 (at noon)
Funding decision: End of June / early July 2020

Infrastructural initiatives is not available this call. Next opportunity: Call 2020-II

Call 2019-II

​4 February 2019: Opening call for pre-proposals Infrastructure Initiatives
6 March 2019 (12 noon): Closing call for pre-proposals Infrastructure initiatives. Applicants are informed shortly afterwards whether they may submit a full proposal.

22 April 2019: Full call opens (all funding types are available, including full proposals Infrastructure initiatives)
5 June 2019 (12 noon): Call closes
End of December 2018: Funding decision

Call 2019-I

​​Call opens: 17 September 2018
Call closes: 19 December 2018 (at noon)
Funding decision: 2 July 2019 (see Overview funded projects)

Infrastructural initiatives is not available this call. Next opportunity: Call 2019-II

Calls 2016-2018

​Funded projects: 

Call 2018-II
Call 2018-I
Call 2017-II
Call 2017-I
Call 2016-II
Call 2016-I