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Origineel en ongewoon

Onder dit thema scharen wij unieke, vooruitstrevende onderzoeksprojecten die niet binnen bestaande financieringsvormen passen, maar wel bijdragen aan de missies van KWF en Alpe d’HuZes. Deze kunnen worden onderverdeeld in:

  • Unieke hoogrisicoprojecten: deze projectvorm biedt de mogelijkheid om een goed, maar nog niet volledig uitgekristalliseerd idee in korte tijd uit te werken om vast te stellen of het idee daadwerkelijk kansen biedt. Het gaat om niet-bestaande onderzoekslijnen met voornamelijk theoretische onderbouwing, maar met hoge potentie om tot doorbraken binnen de kankerbestrijding te leiden.
  • Baanbrekende projecten: deze projectvorm is uniek in de zin dat de projecten zich op het snijvlak tussen disciplines bevinden of in een discipline die ongewoon is binnen het kankeronderzoek. Ook projecten met samenwerkingen tussen disciplines of met een internationaal karakter passen binnen deze projectvorm. Omdat de projecten op gedegen voorwerk gebaseerd moeten zijn, zijn de risico's relatief laag.


Gefinancierd onderzoek

(laatst gewijzigd op 28 september 2017) 

Unieke hoogrisicoprojecten 

Call 2017-I:

  • Dr. Nicolas Leveille. TRACE and RECALL clonal population dynamics to model colorectal cancer tumor growth. Academic Medical Center.  € 149.695,00
  • Dr. Dik van Gent. Developing a validated Cancer-on-Chip prototype for personalized medicine Erasmus. University Medical Center Rotterdam.  € 170.420,00
  • Dr. Pim French. Nuclear EGFR in Glioblastomas as a target for therapy Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam.  € 165.042,00
  • Prof. Philippe Lambin. Trojan horses against cancer: the use of harmless clostridia bacteria to continuously produce immunomodulatory anti-cancer agents specifically within the tumor.  Maastricht UMC+ (Academic Hospital Maastricht).  € 152.042,00
  • Prof. Monique den Boer. Challenging the dogmatic use of ABL1-directed tyrosine kinase inhibitors in BCR-ABL1-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology.  € 149.028,00
  • Prof. Bas Weusten. Tailored lymphadenectomy using Sentinel node Navigation surgery in submucosal esophageal Adenocarcinoma Patients: SNAP-II study. UMC Utrecht.  € 201.484,50
  • Dr. Tobias Dansen. Towards understanding molecular and pre-clinical aspects of loss of protein homeostasis in cancer. UMC Utrecht.  € 267.388,50
  • Dr. Victor Thijssen. Exploring the immunomodulatory activity of galectin-cytokine interactions. VU University Medical Centre.  € 173.819,50

Call 2016-II: 

  • Dr. Inge Verbrugge. Inducing and sustaining anti-tumor immunity by chemo-radiotherapy .vThe Netherlands Cancer Institute.  € 151.857,20
  • Dr. Josephine Dorsman. A novel functional genomics approach to reveal crucial genetic events in human retinoblastoma carcinogenesis. VU University Medical Centre.  € 200.792,00
  • Prof. Regina Beets-Tan. Radiomics for the prediction of response to neoadjuvant treatment in rectal carcinoma. The Netherlands Cancer Institute.  € 152.565,40
  • Dr. Jan Theys. Targeting oxLDL: a novel complementary intervention to increase cancer therapy efficacy. Maastricht UMC+ (Maastricht University).  € 149.944,50
  • Prof. Onno Kranenburg. Organoid cultures and organoid-initiated metastasis models to study metastatic human colon cancer with microsatellite instability. UMC Utrecht.  € 153.753,90
  • Dr. Romana Netea-Maier. Myeloid cell reprograming in the context of radioiodine therapy in patients with non-medullary thyroid carcinoma. Radboud University Medical Center.  € 151.946,00
  • Dr. Marleen Kok. Mapping immunosuppressive cascades in breast cancer patients treated with immunotherapy. The Netherlands Cancer Institute.  € 160.693,00
  • Dr. Catalina Arteaga de Castro. Improving non-invasive assessment of aggressiveness and staging of localized prostate cancer with 7T-MRI and 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT. UMC Utrecht.  € 151.029,40  

Call 2016-I:

  • Developing a mass spectrometry-based screening method to identify targets for immunotherapy to cure and prevent hepatitis B-related liver cancer. Dr. Sonja Buschow. ErasmusMC Rotterdam. € 149.437,-

    Interview met Sonja Buschow

  • Toward removing the UN from BRCA2 variants of UNknown significance: Importance of protein domains in conformational flexibility. Prof. Claire Wyman. ErasmusMC Rotterdam. € 149.999,90
  • HLA class I-restricted neoantigens as targets for immunotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia. Dr. Marieke GriffioenLeids Universitair Medisch Centrum. € 150.640,50
  • Blood vessel stabilization induced by targeting pericytes in cancer therapies. Dr. Franck Lebrin. Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum. € 150.000,-
  • Prediction and modification of treatment response in esophageal cancer. Prof. John Plukker. Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. € 146.214,50
  • Exploring the role of long non-coding RNAs in B-cell lymphoma. Prof. Anke van den Berg. Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. € 149.972,50
  • Evaluating genomic heterogeneity at the single cell level as a predictor of response to treatment of NSCLC patients. Prof. Harry Groen Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. € 151.361,60
  • Chromorexis: Structure and clinical relevance of a newly discovered genome rearrangement phenomenon. Prof. Bauke Ylstra. VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam. € 182.999,90
  • RNA modifying enzymes diversify the microRNA repertoire and function during early stage cancer development. Dr. Renske Steenbergen. VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam. € 158.240,-   

    Interview met Renske Steenbergen 

Vóór 2016:

  • Proof of concept study for the use of Ibrutinib as upfront targeted agent in children with precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Erasmus MC. Prof. dr. M.L. den Boer. € 307.000,-

    Interview met Monique den Boer

  • Improved screening of esophageal cancer by optical detection of field cancerization. AMC. Prof. dr. J.J. Bergman. € 151.300,-
  • Patient-friendly screening for head and neck, lung and esophageal cancer based on optical measurements of the buccal mucosa. TNO. Dr. A. Amelink. € 295.900,-

    Interview met Arjen Amelink

  • Holmium micro-brachytherapy: an innovative intratumoral treatment modality in head and neck cancer. UMC Utrecht. Dr. F. Nijsen. € 280.200,-
  • Cranking up tumor-specific T cell responses in metastatic breast cancer. Erasmus MC. Dr. R. Debets. € 562.400,-
  • Towards a unified assay for the detection of driver mutations with Treatment implications in lung cancer. UMC Groningen. Dr. K. Kok. € 225.308,-
  • Vitiligo susceptibility as a genetic predictive biomarker for responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibitors. AMC Amsterdam. Dr. R.M. Luiten € 150.792,-

    Interview met Rosalie Luiten

  • Colon cancer subtype identification through profiling small RNAs in plasma microvesicles. UMC Utrecht. Dr. O.W. Kranenburg. € 150.000,-
  • Potential new treatment for patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer with a high risk of progression to invasive disease. Erasmus MC Rotterdam. Prof. dr. E.C. Zwarthoff. € 150.544,-

    Interview met Ellen Zwarthoff

  • Towards liquid biopsies through leukapheresis: organoid culture of circulating tumor cells from blood of prostate cancer patients; is it feasible? Erasmus MC Rotterdam. Dr. M.P.J.K. Lolkema. € 221.147,-
  • Can lipid lowering drugs improve treatment response in glioblastoma? Phase 0 preclinical trials for hypoxic modification in Glioblastoma. Universiteit Maastricht. Dr. M.A.G.G. Vooijs. € 149.477,-

    Interview met Marc Vooijs

  • Aptamer-based multivalent cancer therapeutics: the road to efficient breast cancer detection and treatment. Radboudumc. Dr. P.N. Span. € 195.240,-

Baanbrekende projecten

  • The Clinical Introduction of the MRI Linac System. UMC Utrecht. Prof. dr. ir. J.J.W. Lagendijk. € 2.136.611,-

    Interview met Jan Lagendijk

  • From men to mice and back again - completing a 60 year innovation cycle with "armed" clostridia as safe and specific weapons to fight cancer. Universiteit Maastricht. Dr. J. Theys. € 2.085.386,00,-

    Interview met Jan Theys

  • Primary Radioactive Iodine Seed localisation in the Axilla in axillary node positive breast cancer combined with Sentinel node procedure (RISAS) following neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC): a new surgical approach in order to predict more accurately axillary response following NAC thereby reducing the need for completion axillary lymph node dissection and its subsequent morbidity. Amphia Ziekenhuis Locatie Langendijk. Dr. E.J.T. Luiten. € 378.243,-

    Interview met Ernst Luiten

  • Urinary extracellular vesicles and their content as novel markers for minimally invasive diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer. Erasmus MC Rotterdam Prof. dr. ir. G. Jenster € 2.015.599,-

    Interview met Guido Jenster

  • Personalised Sarcoma Care; predicting outcome and improving the balance between prognosis and quality of life for sarcoma patients. Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum. Dr. M.A.J. van de Sande. € 298.974,-
  • In vivo tracking of Wnt-responsive mammary stem cells: Better and brighter. Universiteit van Amsterdam FNWI. Dr. R. van Amerongen. € 266.416,-
  • Optimizing surgical results for oral squamous cell carcinoma by intra-operative assessment of resection margins using Raman spectroscopy. Erasmus MC Rotterdam. Dr. S. Koljenovic. € 635.580,-

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Toegekend bedrag

​Vanuit het Alpe d’HuZes/KWF-fonds is het volgende bedrag toegekend aan Unieke kansen: 

€ 14.762.384,-

(laatst gewijzigd: 28 september 2017)