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A little bit of help in writing your project proposal

  1. Please start your final submission in time. KWF strongly advices to validate (using the ‘Validate’ button) your project proposal in the KWF grant management system (KWF GMS) at least 48 hours before the submission deadline. This will ensure that any unexpected errors/issues can be corrected in time. Please note that by using the ‘Validate’ button, your project proposal will be checked for missing information – your proposal will not be submitted and you can continue writing your application. After the deadline your proposal can not be submitted anymore and will automatically be recorded as ‘Missed Deadline’. These applications will not be taken into consideration.
  2. If you have not done so already, register as soon as possible and advise your fellow PI’s to do the same. If your institute and/or department is not in our database contact us as soon as possible. Your institute and department need to be registered at least six weeks before the call deadline. If your institute is not registered, KWF reserves the right to withdraw your project proposal from the procedure at any time.
  3. Before creating a project proposal, please make sure you select the right type of funding and research phase. You will not be able to change this without creating a new proposal.
  4. Please check all eligibility conditions of your funding type (e.g. minimum employment of scientific staff) to make sure your project is eligible for funding. Please note that requests for exemption must be submitted to KWF at the latest six weeks before the deadline.
  5. Obligatory fields are marked (*) or highlighted during the validation of your project proposal. If an obligatory field is not filled, it will not be possible to submit the proposal. The ‘Validate’ button will check if all obligatory fields are filled.
  6. KWF advices you to edit your text layout with the text editor in KWF GMS because KWF GMS does not support copy/paste or formatting from Microsoft Office and/or other Word processors. Please check your application before submitting to verify the layout, as this cannot be changed after submission. You can verify this by clicking the ‘Print Form - View’ button on the ‘Project Details’ tab.
  7. Keep the number of work packages to a minimum. As a guideline 1 or 2 work packages are sufficient. Try to limit the number of work packages also for more complex projects.
  8. Milestones are defined as critical points in time to ascertain that sufficient and successful progress has been made in the project. For project proposals that fall within the Exploration track, 2 to 3 milestones in total (not per work package) are sufficient; for project proposals that fall within the Development track, 3 to 6 milestones in total (not per work package) will suffice.
  9. If you enlist a service provider, it is obligatory to upload a quotation for the actual costs associated with this (including taxes). Be aware that all reviewers of your proposal can see and read the full ‘Service Provider Quotes’. In case the service is provided by participating organisations of the projects, the costs can be requested under ‘Materials’ (excluding taxes).
  10. If you want to involve patients or a patient organisation in the development of your research proposal, please make sure you contact them in a timely manner.
  11. If you are collaborating with other organisations, or if there is co-funding, please be aware that Value Added Tax (VAT; BTW) might play a role. Contact your organisation’s finance department or Technology Transfer Office for rules regarding this.
  12. Ensure that the security settings of PDF documents are disabled (e.g. password-protection or any other encryption), as this prevents the generation of a PDF file from the complete application.
  13. Please read the ‘Funding Conditions’ and ‘Financial Regulations’ – which are available both in Dutch and in English. These documents describe what is eligible for funding. If you have any questions concerning the eligibility of items you request on your budget, please contact KWF before submitting. Items that are not eligible for funding will be removed from your budget.

All documents (e.g. Guidelines, Funding Conditions, Funding Types, Financial Regulations) are available as downloads.

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Important documents

All documents (e.g. Guidelines, Funding Conditions, Funding Types, Financial Regulations) are available as downloads.
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​You can submit your project proposal via our KWF Grant Management System (KWF-GMS).