Funding in tracks



The definition of the specific scope of each research phase within the KWF PR&I provides a solid platform to classify project proposals and review and facilitate research projects based on research phase-specific criteria. Research phases are subsequently part of three tracks:


  • Exploration track
    o Phase 1: Basic research
    o Phase 2: Credentialing
  • Development track
    o Phase 3: Creation of modality
    o Phase 4: Preclinical research
    o Phase 5: Clinical research
  • Implementation track
    o Phase 6: Implementation

In addition, KWF offers opportunities to support infrastructure initiatives in the field of oncology research (7) in each research phase.

A project proposal should be submitted in one of the seven phases mentioned above. Since the third call (November 2016) Implementation projects (phase 6) or Infrastructural initiatives (phase 7) are available.

In case a project proposal contains activities that belong to different research phases, please choose the earliest research phase of the project, except when a prospective (interventive) clinical research is part of the project, always choose the research phase ‘Clinical research’; those parts that fall within a previous phase (side studies) can be described as separate work packages within the work plan. Do not select the phase ‘Clinical research’ when only patient material is used (e.g. for identification or validation of targets/leads) or when the study is an observational study.

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Exploration track

​KWF continues to invest in the exploration of new knowledge and skills. Basic and early translational research is and remains the basis for innovation.
More info on the Exploration track

Development track

KWF's goal is to facilitate the downstream development of the results of (basic) research into new (clinical) applications. This requires optimal alignment between the current research projects and the envisioned end products and its users.
More info on the Development track

Implementation track

The goal of this research phase is to make positively evaluated inventions/modalities accessible to both patients and the public and to implement them in daily practice.

More info on implementation