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Infrastructural initiatives are not available in Call 2017-II. The next window for proposal applications will be in 2018. Exact data will be announced soon.
The objective of the Infrastructure Initiatives funding type is to give an impetus, by providing funding and/or playing a facilitating role, to existing or new infrastructure initiatives which support scientific cancer research and to ensure that research findings lead to concrete applications for patients and the general public more often, and more quickly. The infrastructure initiative needs to have backing at the national level and be accessible nationwide. The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) expects that the infrastructure initiative will be implemented in a sustainable way. The impetus provided by the Dutch Cancer Society is of a temporary nature.


The funding category offers project funding for infrastructure initiatives that are accessible at the national level. “Infrastructure initiatives” is understood to mean the following: Facilities, cohorts and partnerships which support scientific cancer research and bring about its acceleration or optimisation and/or the application of research findings for the benefit of patients and the general public.
  • Facilities: including but not limited to biobanks, registers, and data repositories; not including support tools (for example specific equipment or model systems).
  • Cohorts: groups of people who are monitored over a specified period as part of a research project.
  • Partnerships: formalised cooperation between different parties with the objective of accelerating or optimising scientific research. The partnership needs to be focused on activities that can be specified in concrete terms and on expected results in terms of its contribution to scientific research. The costs associated with setting up the partnership are not eligible for funding.

More information in the Guidelines


Eligibility Conditions

  • Broad national support is required and must be demonstrated by the parties involved in the project plan and form part of the needs assessment (as outlined in the project plan) undertaken prior to the commencement of the project.
  • The guideline duration of an infrastructure initiative is 1–5 years. The support offered to infrastructure initiatives is temporary in nature.
  • The project idea must include an estimate of the budget for the implementation of the full project plan, based on planned activities and items eligible for funding. The budget must be in proportion to the activities.
  • The project leader is not required to hold a PhD.
  • There are no conditions relating to scientific staff. Evidence must be provided to demonstrate that planned activities will in fact be undertaken.
  • The project manager post can be funded to oversee the non-scientific activities.
  • Costs for site visits can be included. Site visits are defined as visits to other facilities within the Netherlands or abroad with the objective of undergoing training in a specific methodology, software or technology. Site visits can last from one (1) to four (4) weeks.
  • If the infrastructure initiative is not limited solely to the field of cancer research, the Dutch Cancer Society will only bear those costs that directly relate to the field of cancer research (i.e. not costs related to applications outside the field of oncology).
  • Any Dutch organisation (entity) can act as Lead Institute/coordinator of a full application, with the exception of for-profit organisations. The coordinator must be determined at the pre-proposal stage. The legal entity which the coordinator represents may change in the period between the submission of the pre-proposal and the full proposal. When the full proposal is submitted, the legal entity which the coordinator is representing becomes definitive.
  • The project plan must consist of three stages: Initiation, consolidation and full independence. Infrastructure initiatives in the field of cancer research in the Netherlands. Initiatives may contain a foreign component, provided that the primary emphasis is on the Netherlands. The Dutch Cancer Society will not fund any aspect of the process preceding the project idea, nor of the process between the submission of the pre-proposal and the submission of the full proposal.

More information in the Guidelines

Application and review procedure

The Infrastructure Initiative funding type will consist of a two stage proposal to be submitted. The next window for proposal applications will be in 2018. Exact data will be announced soon.

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All the necessary information about the pilot Infrastructure Initiatives can be found in the Guidelines.
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​KWF Kankerbestrijding and the KWF Board of Advisors will evaluate the pre-proposals on quality, feasability and relevance. 

The next window for applications will be in 2018. Exact data will be announced soon.