vrouwelijke onderzoeker in een laboratorium

By combining our strengths we will beat cancer

We will increase the level of dialogue and develop more partnerships

KWF Dutch Cancer Society will actively cooperate with all the relevant stakeholders, including oncology researchers, but also caregivers, patients, policy makers, the industry, and other research funders. 

We are committed to the projects we fund

KWF Dutch Cancer Society will be more actively committed to the projects it funds. This way we can offer support in overcoming bottlenecks and connect parties that could synergistically enhance the research & development outcomes. KWF will monitor the project progress and the results achieved, and where possible help to develop ideas for possible follow-up activities.

Focus on applicable results

Except for basic researchers, KWF Dutch Cancer Society asks its researchers to outline a development plan for the continuation of their research towards application into practice when submitting a project proposal. Thanks to this development plan, better tuning is accomplished between the research in academic institutes and the ultimate end products for patients and/or the public. By asking researchers to define this development plan, they become more aware of the hurdles that need to be taken after the project is finished and are able to anticipate optimally, even at an early stage.