Prevention Programs

Meisjes willen geen sigaret

Lowering the cancer risk

‘Less cancer’ is one of our goals. Empowering people to make the right choices is what we stand for. Since we know that 35 to 50 percent of cancer mortality could be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle DCS invests in informing the public about a healthy lifestyle. We offer information and several tools to support the public in realizing a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention is not only the responsibility of the individual, but we see an important role for the government and the parliament as well. Advocacy at national, EU and international level becomes increasingly important since regulation and legislation are playing a profound role in shaping public health policy.


Letter from the ECL to the LVD Working Party on the health effects of sunbeds for cosmetic purposes and the safe and effective regulation of sunbeds.

Public health organisations messages to the LVD Working Party ahead of 7 February 2019 meeting

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share with you our views on the important issue of the safe and effective regulation of sunbeds. With this letter, we would like to convey the key messages and positions that we, the undersigned, have agreed upon in respect of ensuring greater consumer safety in sunbed use.

As organisations with a shared goal of protecting and improving public health, we would like to reiterate what has been clearly communicated in the conclusions of the SCHEER opinion: there is no safe limit to sunbed use.

In addition, we believe that all actions related to the consumer use of sunbeds should respect and adhere to the following core principles: Ultra-Violet radiation is carcinogenic; any formation to consumers does not transform a carcinogen into a safe product sunbed use increases the risk of skin cancer and is not recommended as a method for enhancing vitamin D status. We encourage the LVD working party to take the initiative to inform the consumer more adequately.

Read the entire letter with it's proposals on how to inform the consumer more adequately about the health effects of sunbeds for cosmetic purposes

Tobacco control

Every year 20.000 persons die due to smoking in the Netherlands. At the moment 25% of the Dutch population smokes. Tobacco control is one of the key issues of the DCS. We strive for a substantial increase of non-smokers and more smoke free public places. We want to achieve this result by a combination of awareness campaigns and advocacy.

Since some years the DCS invests more in advocacy in the area of tobacco control. The Dutch government has ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) but it appears to be necessary to follow up on implementing the measures. Since the last change in government (2012) tobacco control is back on the national prevention agenda. Due to lobby of the Netherlands Smokefree Alliance reimbursement of smoking cessation programs (drugs and counseling) and a total smokefree hospitality branch are re-introduced in recent years.

Next to advocacy at national level the DCS is involved in advocacy at European level as well, in particular when it comes to the Revision of the Tobacco Products Directive. At the EU-level we collaborate with the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) and the Smokefree Partnership.